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You killed your nation to build your frivolous empire.
You murdered your wife and orphaned countless children.
You killed for a living and yet, you loved with a passion. You loved with passion and you hated with a fire bellowing inside you. You are yourself an orphaned child and a cheated husband. You are a mother who witness the killing of your own children. You have played all the roles.
And more.

Excerpts from 'Let Go Of Me'

She felt goosebumps all over her forearms and the top of her head as reached into the loft. She sat cross-legged with her back curled, like old days, amongst piles and piles of books, all of which had become more brown and stained over the years. Holding one of them carefully in her hand, she turned the page that felt rough and parched between her fingers. Although she loved the smell of new books since she was a little girl, the dusty smell from these antiquated treasures was sinking in deep and telling her a story that she was meant to unearth. These crisp, brittle pages held a secret. 


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Life after all my deaths

Whilst my mind was wandering all over dinner, the sight that I had seen, my hot mug of coffee and a warm shower, there was a gentle knock at the door. For a moment, I felt that it was my imagination. No one would come to visit at this godforsaken hour. It was pouring so heavily. No sane man would step out at this time!

The knocking persisted.

“Who can come to visit at this crazy hour? It’s pouring. It’s not even safe to step out on the street. Hold on, Maybe it’s a neighbour,” I mumbled to myself as I closed in on the door and peered through the peep hole. There was no one outside. But I had definitely heard the knock.

Best selling books

KAIVALYA...a fire within


" The Universe is in a flux and so am I. The mould I fit into today may not be enough to accommodate me tomorrow. "



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