Ekta Saigal Pandit (Author)

" The Universe is in a flux and so am I. The mould I fit into today may not be enough to accommodate me tomorrow."

The story of

Ekta Saigal Pandit (Author)

 Born and brought up in Delhi, Ekta has had the quintessential upbringing of a Delhite. Growing up in a methodical, balanced, and disciplined environment, she was always intrigued by the lesser delved and subtle dimensions of life.

This streak has made her introspect, observe and appreciate intricate details about people and situations that usually go unnoticed.

She pursued a career in Real Estate Development for over a decade, before she decided to experiment with teaching, meditation, and writing.

Her first book, titled, “Let Go of Me…”is a work of fiction and reveals the web of complex, dynamic human emotions, which eventually find grounding in spirituality. “Kaivalya- A Fire Withinis her second book.

During her journey as a literary figure, she has received much appreciation and recognition at various platforms; Nomination for Author of the Year 2020-21(NE8X Litfest),

Awardee Author for Sahityakosh Samman (2021), Literary Icon NE8X (2020).

She is actively involved in nurturing young talent and has been invited as a judge at several writing competitions like the prestigious Kusum Verma Memorial Competition.

She trains young, evolving minds in the fields of creative writing and English communication skills. Also a Meditation teacher.

Finds satisfaction in pushing her limits in her daily workout sessions and is an avid wildlife enthusiast.

Lives in Noida, with her husband, Deepak, and son, Manas.