"Kaivalya- a fire within"

The faint glow emanating from within one of the arches in the fort was luring to the onlooker, who knew, for a fact, that there were supposed to be no inhabitants in there. Perched on top of the elephant back along with the Mahout, they stood silently, a few meters away from this structure, on one of the meandering roads cut across the low hill. She was sure she had caught the glimpse of the human form for a brief few seconds before the glow turned fainter and the view more abstruse as the clouds softly inched over the moon and craftily obscured the silvery light that was being reflected from it. As clearly as the darkness was perceptible to the eyes, the presence of a certain aura was discernable to the mind that had a strong intuitive sense.

Page 41-42, Chapter 4, Earth

"Let Go Of Me"

“You finally decided to listen to me,” he said, his voice deep throated and soothing as in the last three times when she had seen him. She had been in despair all those times, as she was now but there had always been a strange serenity about him. There seemed no difference in the lucidity of what was happening now and what had transpired in the dreams. This was as real as they were. Or not.

She looked at the dust on the floor as a tear drop fell onto her lap. “Is this true? This, all this that is written in the notebook?” her voice quivering as she managed to speak, the words barely making their way out of her chest. “Is this why you were calling me? Who are you?”

A smile of radiance dawned upon his face and lit up his eyes. “You know me dear. I am not separate from you. I am your source. I am you.”

Pages 9-11, Chapter 1

"Kaal-Life After All My Deaths"

Whilst my mind was wandering all over dinner, the sight that I had seen, my hot mug of coffee and a warm shower, there was a gentle knock at the door. For a moment, I felt that it was my imagination. No one would come to visit at this godforsaken hour. It was pouring so heavily. No sane man would step out at this time!

The knocking persisted.

“Who can come to visit at this crazy hour? It’s pouring. It’s not even safe to step out on the street. Hold on, Maybe it’s a neighbour,” I mumbled to myself as I closed in on the door and peered through the peep hole. There was no one outside. But I had definitely heard the knock.

Definitely. Not once. Twice.