Excerpts from ‘Let Go Of Me’


She felt goosebumps all over her forearms and the top of her head as reached into the loft. She sat cross-legged with her back curled, like old days, amongst piles and piles of books, all of which had become more brown and stained over the years. Holding one of them carefully in her hand, she turned the page that felt rough and parched between her fingers. Although she loved the smell of new books since she was a little girl, the dusty smell from these antiquated treasures was sinking in deep and telling her a story that she was meant to unearth. These crisp, brittle pages held a secret. 

 Excerpt- Let Go of Me

He pelted another pebble into the river.

“Plop!” The sound felt familiar, as he watched the water ripple outward from the center that he had created. He had created so much more in life. He had created multiple centers. The ripples from each of them now threatened to cross into each other. Sometimes the waves would nullify each other and at others, their magnitude would multiply. He was yet to find out whether he could withstand the intensity of these high tides.

Excerpt- Let Go of Me

The trees stood tall at the edge of the pond. The azure sky was adorned by a faint glow of the morning sun. The pond’s blue was adorned by a faint glow of the same morning sun. They could have been each other. The sky and the pond looked the same, except that one was up there and the other down here. Other than that, the difference was hard to tell. The Poplars merged into the background and the foreground as if they were not there. Distinct in presence but not an assumption. They were and yet they weren’t. Their reflection was as clear as they themselves. It was hard to say which was real and which was not.

 Excerpt- Let Go of Me

“If this was narrated to you like a story, would you be able to learn from it?” he asked and continued without waiting for the answer. “Experiences are the reflection of our unlearnt lessons from the past. Learn from them and transcend. You should not be averse to feeling the pain through these experiences. Pain is the teacher. Pain is felt till your hunger remains. If it pains, you are still identified with the desire. When you hunger for something, you have to experience it, else the lesson remains unlearnt and shall continue being inside your bag. Every suppressed feeling is stored within you. Every idea thought and desire needs to be lived out till it stops feeling like one. Only then can one transcend,” he said, extremely slowly.

 Excerpt- Let Go of Me

Excerpts from ‘Kaivalya- a fire within’

The faint glow emanating from within one of the arches in the fort was luring to the onlooker, who knew, for a fact, that there were supposed to be no inhabitants in there. Perched on top of the elephant back along with the Mahout, they stood silently, a few meters away from this structure, on one of the meandering roads cut across the low hill. She was sure she had caught the glimpse of the human form for a brief few seconds before the glow turned fainter and the view more abstruse as the clouds softly inched over the moon and craftily obscured the silvery light that was being reflected from it. As clearly as the darkness was perceptible to the eyes, the presence of a certain aura was discernable to the mind that had a strong intuitive sense.

Excerpt- Kaivalya- a fire within

The growl was tense and loud. It was the most threatening sound that she had heard in all of her living years. Her heart pounded against her chest. She was in the grip of death. Sweat beads lined her wide, proud forehead. She turned to the direction from where she had felt and heard death reaching her. She heard the rustle. There was not a moment to lose. With her instincts sharper than ever, she raised the rifle to take aim. Suddenly a pair of glittering eyes seemed to pounce on her. She raised her rifle and took a shot exactly at the moment when the mouth of the rifle pointed between the two bared canines of the beast.

Excerpt- Kaivalya- a fire within

“I have no idea how many chapters are left for me to navigate. Whatever is needed, I will do it all, with complete involvement. All of me. Whatever, it is that I am meant to do to cover my journey from duality to singularity; my journey from being to not being. In whatever capacity or personality that I am, my last spiritual quest would be to be able to make this transition willingly, knowingly, joyfully, and with complete awareness. I want to leave the form that I occupy with complete awareness and joy, Surya. Whenever the time is right. This time or the next. Or the next.”

 Excerpt- Kaivalya- a fire within

“I was so busy finding something in the distance. I lost perspective of what lay right there. I carried this in myself for a long time. I still do, to some extent. I realized that I need to pay attention and complete attention to what lies in front of me. It is better this way. To have a regret lodged within is extremely painful. I don’t want to carry more such pain inside.”

  Excerpt- Kaivalya- a fire within




Tell me ‘how’

Tell me ‘when’

Tell me ‘where’

In whispers, I already heard the ‘what’

I will not ask ‘why’

When the time is good

Let me know

And I will…


A single question

A single longing

A single desire

A single regret

A single doubt

A single thought

Excerpt- Kaivalya- a fire within